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1they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall re- cover."

3Do you believe his words? I do, and that his prom- ise is perpetual. Had it been applicable only to his immediate disciples, the pronoun would be you, not them.

6The purpose of his life-work touches universal human- ity. At another time he prayed, not for the twelve only, but "for them also which shall believe on me through

9their word."

The Christ-healing was practised even before the Chris- tian era; "the Word was with God, and the Word was

12God." There is, however, no analogy between Christian Science and spiritualism, or between it and any specu- lative theory.

15In 1867, I taught the first student in Christian Science. Since that date I have known of but fourteen deaths in the ranks of my about five thousand students. The

18census since 1875 (the date of the first publication of my work, "Science and Health with Key to the Scrip- tures") shows that longevity has increased. Daily letters

21inform me that a perusal of my volume is healing the writers of chronic and acute diseases that had defied medi- cal skill.

24Surely the people of the Occident know that esoteric magic and Oriental barbarisms will neither flavor Chris- tianity nor advance health and length of days.

27Miracles are no infraction of God's laws; on the contrary, they fulfil His laws; for they are the signs fol- lowing Christianity, whereby matter is proven power-

30less and subordinate to Mind. Christians, like students in mathematics, should be working up to those higher rules of Life which Jesus taught and proved. Do we

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1really understand the divine Principle of Christianity before we prove it, in at least some feeble demonstra-

3tion thereof, according to Jesus' example in healing the sick? Should we adopt the "simple addition" in Chris- tian Science and doubt its higher rules, or despair of

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