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27lack of proper terms in which to express what it means. As a Science, it is held back by the common ignorance of what it is and of what it does, — and more than all

30else, by the impostors that come in its name. To be appreciated, it must be conscientiously understood and introduced.

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1If the Bible and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" had in our schools the time or attention that

3human hypotheses consume, they would advance the world. True, it requires more study to understand and demonstrate what they teach than to learn the doctrine

6of theology, philosophy, or physics, because they con- tain and offer Science, with fixed Principle, given rule, and unmistakable proof.

9The Scriptures give the keynote of Christian Science from Genesis to Revelation, and this is the prolonged tone: "For the Lord He is God, and there is

12none beside Him." And because He is All-in-all, He is in nothing unlike Himself; and nothing that worketh or maketh a lie is in Him, or can be divine con-


At this date, poor jaded humanity needs to get her eyes open to a new style of imposition in the field of

18medicine and of religion, and to "beware of the leaven of the scribes and Pharisees," the doctrines of men, even as Jesus admonished. From first to last, evil insists on

21the unity of good and evil as the purpose of God; and on drugs, electricity, and animal magnetism as modes of medicine. To a greater or less extent, all mortal con-

24clusions start from this false premise, and they neces- sarily culminate in sickness, sin, disease, and death. Erroneous doctrines never have abated and never will

27abate dishonesty, self-will, envy, and lust. To destroy sin and its sequence, is the office of Christ, Truth, — ac- cording to His mode of Christian Science; and this is

30being done daily.

The false theories whose names are legion, gilded with sophistry and what Jesus had not, namely, mere book-

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1learning, — letter without law, gospel, or demonstration, — have no place in Christian Science. This Science re-

3quires man to be honest, just, pure; to love his neighbor as himself, and to love God supremely.

Matter and evil are subjective states of error or mortal

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