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18tions was the conscientious application to detail, which is the foundation of true art. From that, I went on to study each illustration thoroughly, and to my amazement

21and delight I find an almost identical resemblance, in many things, to the old masters! In other words, the art is perfect.

24"The hands and feet of the figures — how many times have I seen these-hands and feet in Angelico's 'Jesus,' or Botticelli's 'Madonna'!

27"It gave me such a thrill of joy as no words can ex- press, to see produced to-day that art — the only true art — that we have identified with the old masters, and

30mourned as belonging to them exclusively, — a thing of the past, impossible of reproduction.

"All that I can say to you, as one who gives no mean

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1attention to such matters, is that the art is perfect. It is the true art of the oldest, most revered, most authen-

3tic Italian school, revived. I use the words most au- thentic in the following sense: the face, figure, and drapery of Jesus, very closely resemble in detail the

6face, figure, and drapery of that Jesus portrayed by the oldest of the old masters, and said to have been authen- tic; the face having been taken by Fra Angelico from

9Caesar's Cameo, the figure and garments from a descrip- tion, in The Galaxy, of a small sketch handed down from the living reality. Their productions are expres-

12sionless copies of an engraving cut in a stone. Yours is a palpitating, living Saviour engraven on the heart. You have given us back our Jesus, and in a much better



Who shall describe the brave splendor of a November

18sky that this morning burst through the lattice for me, on my bed? According to terrestrial calculations, above the horizon, in the east, there rose one rod of rainbow

21hues, crowned with an acre of eldritch ebony. Little by little this topmost pall, drooping over a deeply daz- zling sunlight, softened, grew gray, then gay, and glided

24into a glory of mottled marvels. Fleecy, faint, fairy blue and golden flecks came out on a background of cerulean hue; while the lower lines of light kindled into

27gold, orange, pink, crimson, violet; and diamond, topaz, opal, garnet, turquoise, and sapphire spangled the gloom in celestial space as with the brightness of His glory.

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