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30Then thought I, What are we, that He who fashions for-

Page 377

1ever such forms and hues of heaven, should move our brush or pen to paint frail fairness or to weave a web

3of words that glow with gladdening gleams of God, so unapproachable, and yet so near and full of radiant relief in clouds and darkness!

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1ABOUT the year 1862, while the author of this work was at Dr. Vail's Hydropathic Institute in New

3Hampshire, this occurred: A patient considered incur- able left that institution, and in a few weeks returned apparently well, having been healed, as he informed

6the patients, by one Mr. P. P. Quimby of Portland, Maine.

After much consultation among ourselves, and a struggle

9with pride, the author, in company with several other patients, left the water-cure, en route for the aforesaid doctor in Portland. He proved to be a magnetic practi-

12tioner. His treatment seemed at first to relieve her, but signally failed in healing her case.

Having practised homoeopathy, it never occurred to the

15author to learn his practice, but she did ask him how manipulation could benefit the sick. He answered kindly and squarely, in substance, "Because it conveys electricity

18to them." That was the sum of what he taught her of his medical profession.

The readers of my books cannot fail to see that meta-

21physical therapeutics, as in Christian Science, are farther removed from such thoughts than the nebulous system is from the earth.

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1After treating his patients, Mr. Quimby would retire to an anteroom and write at his desk. I had a curiosity

3to know if he indited anything pathological relative to his patients, and asked if I could see his pennings on my case. He immediately presented them. I read the

6copy in his presence, and returned it to him. The com- position was commonplace, mostly descriptive of the gen- eral appearance, height, and complexion of the individual,

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