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9and the nature of the case: it was not at all metaphysi- cal or scientific; and from his remarks I inferred that his writings usually ran in the vein of thought presented

12by these. He was neither a scholar nor a metaphysician. I never heard him say that matter was not as real as Mind, or that electricity was not as potential or remedial, or

15allude to God as the divine Principle of all healing. He certainly had advanced views of his own, but they com- mingled error with truth, and were not Science. On

18his rare humanity and sympathy one could write a sonnet.

I had already experimented in medicine beyond the

21basis of materia medica, — up to the highest attenuation in homoeopathy, thence to a mental standpoint not un- derstood, and with phenomenally good results; (1) mean-

24while, assiduously pondering the solution of this great question: Is it matter, or is it Mind, that heals the sick ?

27It was after Mr. Quimby's death that I discovered, in 1866, the momentous facts relating to Mind and its superiority over matter, and named my discovery Chris-

30tian Science. Yet, there remained the difficulty of ad- justing in the scale of Science a metaphysical practice,

(1) See Science and Health, p. 47, revised edition of 1890, and

33pp. 152, 153 in late editions.

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1and settling the question, What shall be the outward sign of such a practice: if a divine Principle alone heals,

3what is the human modus for demonstrating this, — in short, how can sinful mortals prove that a divine Principle heals the sick, as well as governs the universe, time,

6space, immortality, man?

When contemplating the majesty and magnitude of this query, it looked as if centuries of spiritual growth

9were requisite to enable me to elucidate or to dem- onstrate what I had discovered: but an unlooked-for, imperative call for help impelled me to begin this stu-

12pendous work at once, and teach the first student in Christian Science. Even as when an accident, called fatal to life, had driven me to discover the Science of

15Life, I again, in faith, turned to divine help, — and com- menced teaching.

My students at first practised in slightly differing

18forms. Although I could heal mentally, without a sign save the immediate recovery of the sick, my students' patients, and people generally, called for a sign—a ma-

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