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21terial evidence wherewith to satisfy the sick that some- thing was being done for them; and I said, "Suffer it to be so now," for thus saith our Master. Experience,

24however, taught me the impossibility of demonstrating the Science of metaphysical healing by any outward form of practice.

27In April, 1883, a bill in equity was filed in the United States Circuit Court in Boston, to restrain, by decree and order of the Court, the unlawful publishing and use of an

30infringing pamphlet printed and issued by a student of Christian Science.

Answer was filed by the defendant, alleging that the

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1copyrighted works of Mrs. Eddy were not original with her, but had been copied by her, or by her direction,

3from manuscripts originally composed by Dr. P. P. Quimby.

Testimony was taken on the part of Mrs. Eddy, the

6defendant being present personally and by counsel. The time for taking testimony on the part of the defendant having nearly expired, he gave notice through his coun-

9sel that he should not put in testimony. Later, Mrs. Eddy requested her lawyer to inquire of defendant's counsel why he did not present evidence to support his

12claim that Dr. Quimby was the author of her writings ! Accordingly, her counsel asked the defendant's counsel this question, and he replied, in substance, "There is

16no evidence to present."

The stipulation for a judgment and a decree in favor of Mrs. Eddy was drawn up and signed by counsel.

18It was ordered that the complainant (Mrs. Eddy) recover of the defendant her cost of suit, taxed at ($113.09) one hundred thirteen and 9/100 dollars.

21A writ of injunction was issued under the seal of the said Court, restraining the defendant from directly or indirectly printing, publishing, selling, giving away,

24distributing, or in any way or manner disposing of, the enjoined pamphlet, on penalty of ten thousand dollars.

27The infringing books, to the number of thirty-eight hundred or thereabouts, were put under the edge of the knife, and their unlawful existence destroyed, in

30Boston, Massachusetts.

It has been written that "nobody can be both founder

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