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9are acquired by healing mankind morally, physically, spiritually. The easel of time presents pictures — once fragmentary and faint — now rejuvenated by the touch

12of God's right hand. Where joy, sorrow, hope, disap- pointment, sigh, and smile commingled, now hope sits dove-like.

15To preserve a long course of years still and uniform, amid the uniform darkness of storm and cloud and tempest, requires strength from above, — deep draughts

18from the fount of divine Love. Truly may it be said: There is an old age of the heart, and a youth that never grows old; a Love that is a boy, and a Psyche who is

21ever a girl. The fleeting freshness of youth, however, is not the evergreen of Soul; the coloring glory of

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1perpetual bloom; the spiritual glow and grandeur of a consecrated life wherein dwelleth peace, sacred and

3sincere in trial or in triumph.

The opportunity has at length offered itself for me to comply with an oft-repeated request; namely, to collect

6my miscellaneous writings published in The Christian Science Journal, since April, 1883, and republish them in book form, — accessible as reference, and reliable as

9old landmarks. Owing to the manifold demands on my time in the early pioneer days, most of these articles were originally written in haste, without due preparation.

12To those heretofore in print, a few articles are herein appended. To some articles are affixed data, where these are most requisite, to serve as mile-stones measuring the

15distance, — or the difference between then and now, — in the opinions of men and the progress of our Cause.

My signature has been slightly changed from my

18Christian name, Mary Morse Baker. Timidity in early years caused me, as an author, to assume various noms de plume. After my first marriage, to Colonel Glover

21of Charleston, South Carolina, I dropped the name of Morse to retain my maiden name, — thinking that other- wise the name would be too long.

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