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21from the straight and narrow path. But I have not mo- ments enough in which to give to my own flock all the time and attention that they need, — and charity must

24begin at home.

Distinct denominational and social organizations and societies are at present necessary for the individual,

27and for our Cause. But all people can and should be just, merciful; they should never envy, elbow, slander, hate, or try to injure, but always should try to bless their


To the query in regard to some clergyman's com-

Page 33

1ments on my illustrated poem, I will say: It is the righteous prayer that avails with God. Whatever is wrong will

3receive its own reward. The high priests of old caused the crucifixion of even the great Master; and thereby they lost, and he won, heaven. I love all ministers and

6ministries of Christ, Truth.

All clergymen may not understand the illustrations in "Christ and Christmas;" or that these refer not to

9personality, but present the type and shadow of Truth's appearing in the womanhood as well as in the manhood of God, our divine Father and Mother.

12Must I have faith in Christian Science in order to be healed by it?

This is a question that is being asked every day. It

15has not proved impossible to heal those who, when they began treatment, had no faith whatever in the Science, — other than to place themselves under my care, and

18follow the directions given. Patients naturally gain con- fidence in Christian Science as they recognize the help they derive therefrom.

21What are the advantages of your system of healing, over the ordinary methods of healing disease?

Healing by Christian Science has the following ad-

24vantages: —

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