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what the demonstration was; for not only have my eyes

been healed, but many other ailments have disappeared.

"Some of the fellows told me I was becoming reli-

giously insane, but acting upon your advice, I did not stop

to argue with those opposed; and I am glad to be able to

tell you that those who expressed interest were more than

those who opposed.

"The chaplain told me I could keep Science and

Health until I got through with it. I never should

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get through with that book, but, as others were waiting

for it, I did not like to keep it too long. God bless the


"I need have no fear after leaving here; I feel that

I can make an honest living. I can honestly add, that

my bad reputation is largely due to my lack of educa-

tion. What little I do know, I learned here and in the

House of Correction. I tell you this, for I feel that I

must be honest with the kind friends who have done so

much for me.

"Providing I should not be paroled, I shall remain

here until the 24th of next December. God bless you

all. — J. C."

I am glad to tell how I was healed. Beliefs of con-

sumption, dyspepsia, neuralgia, piles, tobacco, and bad

language held me in bondage for many years. Doctors

that were consulted did nothing to relieve me, and I

constantly grew worse. Nearly two years ago a lady

told me that if I would read a book called "Science and

Health with Key to the Scriptures" I would be healed.

I told her I would "go into it for all it is worth," and

I have found that it is worth all. I got the book, and

read day and night. I saw that it must be true, and be-

lieved that what I could not then understand would be

made clear later.

After some days' reading I was affected with drowsi-

ness, followed by vomiting. This lasted several hours;

when I fell into a sleep, and awoke healed. The good I

have received, and that I have been able to do in healing

others, has all come from Science and Health. I received

some instructions from teachers; but they did me more

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harm than good: I asked for bread, but they gave me a

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