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the side of the face, also, being badly swollen. It was

feared that this would develop into and undergo the

usual phenomenon of abscess, as other similar swellings

had done previously. She had great faith in the meta-

physical treatment, because of the experience which she

had had with her baby, and wrote a letter describing her

case. This was immediately answered, and absent

treatment was begun. In twenty-four hours after receipt

of the letter, to the astonishment of herself and family,

the tumor had entirely disappeared: there was not a

trace of it left; although the day before it was fully as

large as a hen's egg; red, and tender to the touch.

These instances are only a few of the many cures which

have been performed in this way, and they are mentioned

simply to show what good work may be done by any

earnest, conscientious person who has gained by reading

my works the proper understanding of the Principle of

Christian Science.

Page 408

What a wonderful field for enlightenment and profit

lies open to those who seek after Truth. Alas, that the

feet of so few enter it!

Rev. M. B. G. Eddy: — Will you kindly spare me a few

moments for the perusal of these lines from a stranger, —

one who feels under a debt of gratitude to you, — for,

through the divine Science brought to light by you, I have

been "made whole." I have been cured of a malignant

cancer since I began to study Christian Science, and have

demonstrated the truth of it in a number of cases. I have

only studied your good books, having been unable to take

the lectures for want of means. I dare not think of these,

for there is no prospect that I shall be in a position to

take the course at all. I do not allow myself to com-

plain, but cheerfully take up my books and study, and

feel thankful for this light.

M. E. W., Canon City, Col.

Dear Madam: — May I thank you for your book,

"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and

say how much I owe to it — almost my very life — at a

most critical time . . . .

If it were not for the heat of your American summers

(I had nine attacks of dysentery in the last one), and the

expense, I should dearly like to learn from you person-

ally; but I must forego this, — at any rate, for the pres-

ent. If you would write me what the cost would be for a

course on divine metaphysics, I would try to manage it

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