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later on.

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Meanwhile, I should be grateful if you would refer me

to any one in this country who is interested similarly,

for I get more kicks than halfpence in discussing it.

Your obliged friend, (REV.) I. G. W. BISHOP,

Bovington Vicarage, Hemel Hempstead,

Herts, England

Extract from a letter to Rev. M. B. G. Eddy

A gentleman here had hired all the most skilled doctors

in the United States — nothing helped him. He was a

ghost to look upon. I told him just to read my copies

of your books. I talked to him, told him what he could

do for himself if he but tried. He laughed at me. I was

willing he should laugh, for it was very unusual for him

to do this. He had your books two months, and last Sun-

day he returned them. I wish you could see him: he is

well. He is happy, and told me he was going to write to

you for the books for himself this week.  — E. E. B.

Dear Madam: — I have been a sickly person all my

life, until a few months ago, and was confined to my

bed every little while. It was during one of many attacks

that your book, "Science and Health with Key to the

Scriptures," was handed me. I read it only a very short

time, when I arose, well, went out into the kitchen, pre-

pared a large dinner, and ate heartily of it.

I have been up and well ever since, — a marvel to my

friends and family, and sometimes they can hardly be-

lieve it is I; and feeling so grateful, I must tell you of

Page 410

it. I wish everybody in the world would read your book,

for all would be benefited by it.

Gratefully yours,ANNA M. SMITH

Dear Madam: — About seven years ago I was com-

pelled to go to an oculist and have an operation performed

upon my eyes. He fitted me with glasses, which I wore

for a considerable time, and then removed; but the pain

and difficulty returned, and I was obliged to go again to

the oculist, who advised me never to take my glasses off


I continued wearing them for fully five years longer,

until some time in last January, when, upon reading your

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