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book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,"

I again took them off. Since that time, though I have been

in the courts reporting, and reading fine notes frequently,

I have experienced no difficulty with my eyes.

Very respectfully,

WILLIAM A. SMITH, Wilmington, Del.

Dear Mrs. Eddy: — We have been studying "Science

and Health with Key to the Scriptures" for a year, and

I cannot tell you how much it has done for us; giving us

health instead of sickness, and giving us such an under-

standing of God as we never had before. Christian

Science was our only help two weeks ago, when our baby

was born. My husband and myself were alone. I dressed

myself the next day; commenced doing my work the

third day, and am well and strong. It must be pleasing

to you to know how much good your work is doing.

KITTIE BECK, Elmwood, Cass Co., Neb.

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I was a helpless sufferer in August, 1883, and had been

so for many years. The physicians said I had cancer

of the uterus. I heard of your book, "Science and Health

with Key to the Scriptures," bought a copy, began read-

ing it, and a great light seemed to break through the

darkness. I cried aloud in joy, "This is what I have

been hungering for, these many years!" I studied it

closely, and healed myself and several of my friends be-

fore I had taken instruction of any teacher.

MRS. S. A. McMAHON, Wyandotte, Kans.

I was healed thoroughly of the belief of chronic hepati-

tis and kidney disease, by reading "Science and Health

with Key to the Scriptures." I have never, to this day,

had the slightest return of it.

J. P. FILBERT, Council Bluffs, Iowa

You, dear Mrs. Eddy, have saved my life, through

Science and Health; and I feel that the patients healed

through me should give the first thanks to God and to

you. — MRS. D. S. HARRIMAN, Kansas City, Mo.

How grand your book, "Science and Health with Key

to the Scriptures," is! It is a translation of Truth. No

amount of money could buy the book of me, if I could not

get another. No matter what suffering comes, physical

or mental, I have only to take Science and Health, and

almost invariably the first sentence brings relief. It

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seems to steady the thought. I do not think any student

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