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monial for publication; may it bring one more, at least,

into the fold of divine Science ! The truth, as it is stated

in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,"

has done much towards making our home the abiding-

place of peace and harmony. I now write of the wonder-

ful demonstration of Truth over the birth of my baby

boy, two weeks ago. Sunday, September 23, we went

for a long drive of three hours; at night I retired at the

usual hour; toward morning I was given a little warn-

ing; when I awoke at seven o'clock, the birth took place.

Not more than ten minutes after, I ate a hearty break-

fast, and then had a refreshing sleep; at ten o'clock

walked across the room while my bed was dressed; at

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twelve took a substantial dinner; most of the afternoon

sat up in bed, without any support but Truth; at six

in the evening dressed myself and walked to the dining-

room, and remained up for two hours. Next morning

I arose at the usual hour, and have kept it up ever since,

— was not confined to my bed one whole day. The

second day was out walking in the yard, and the third

day went for a drive in the morning and received callers

in the afternoon. If it had not been for the presence of

my young hopeful, it would have been hard to believe

that there had so recently been a belief of a birth in the

house; but then, I was sustained by Love, and had no

belief of suffering to take my strength away. Before

baby was two weeks old, I cooked, swept, ran the sew-

ing machine, etc., assisting with the housework gen-

erally. How grateful I am for the obstetrics of this

grand Science! Mothers need no longer listen to the

whispering lies of the old serpent, for the law of mortal

mind is broken by Truth.

MRS. DORA HOSSICK, Carrolton, Mo.

My wife and I have been healed by reading your book,

"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." We

both feel very grateful to you.

Five months ago my wife gave birth to a child, with-

out pain or inconvenience, has done all the housework

since, and has been every minute perfectly well. Neither

she nor the child have been ill, — as was constantly the

case with former children, — so we have thought it right

to name the child Glover Eddy.

We have been reading Science and Health nearly

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two years, and have sold several copies to others. We

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