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are reading the Journal also this year.

   Yours respectfully, JOHN B. HOUSEL, Lincoln, Neb.

Dear Mother: — The most blessed of women! Oh,

how I long to sit within range of your voice and hear the

truth that comes to you from on high! for none could

speak such wondrous thoughts as have come from your

pen, except it be the Spirit that speaketh in you.

Two years ago last October, while laboring under a

great strain of care and anxiety in regard to financial

affairs, I heard of Christian Science. I borrowed "Sci-

ence and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and began

to read. I bless God that I was driven to it by such an

extremity. After reading some one hundred and fifty

pages, I was convinced that it was the truth for which

I had searched during twenty years. While I was read-

ing the chapter on Imposition and Demonstration, (1) I

was healed of endometritis and prolapsus uteri of over

twenty years' standing, pronounced incurable by emi-

nent physicians. Professor Ludlam, the dean of Hahne-

mann Medical College, of Chicago, Ill., was one of my


Before I was healed, to walk seven or eight blocks

would so fatigue me that it would take me a week to

recover. I now started out and walked, and was on my

feet all day and for several succeeding days, but felt no

weariness from my labors.

I felt, after being healed, I must have a Science and

Health of my own. I had no money to buy it, so earned

(1) Page 234, revised edition of 1890.

Page 416

it by getting subscribers for the Journal. It has gone

with me everywhere I have been. I have been well ever


I had suffered from bodily ailments, but they were

nothing compared to my mental trials. Grief, hatred,

jealousy, and revenge had well-nigh bereft me of reason.

I had lost a home of plenty, been reduced to almost abject

poverty, and had become a cheerless woman, — could

not smile without feeling I had sinned.

All my griefs and sorrows are now turned to joy, and

my hatred is changed to love. "Glory to God in the

highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." I

read Science and Health, and all your other books, to-

gether with the New Testament, every minute I can

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