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get. — E. B. C., Omaha, Neb.

I must add one more to your great pile of letters, to

tell you what your book, "Science and Health with Key

to the Scriptures," has done for me and my family. More

than a year ago, my husband was suffering from an injury

received about a year previous, and he went to Mrs. B. for

treatment. His shoulder had been fractured, his collar-

bone broken, and he had sustained internal injuries. Sev-

eral M. D.'s had attended him, but had given him very

little relief. Mrs. B. treated him a short time, and he

received much benefit. He bought Science and Health.

From reading it, I was cured of a belief of chronic liver

complaint. I suffered so much from headaches and con-

stipation, and other beliefs, that I seldom ever saw a well

day; but, thanks to you and divine Principle, I now

seldom ever have a belief of feeling badly.

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November 4th, last, I was confined. I was alone,

because I knew no one whose thought was in harmony

with Science. I thought I could get along without help,

and I did. My little girl was sleeping in the same room

with me, and after the birth she called a woman who

was asleep upstairs, to take care of the baby. This

woman was much frightened; but, on seeing how com-

posed I was, she got over her fright. I was sitting up

in bed, holding the child, and feeling as well as I ever

did in my life. I never had seen a Scientist nor been

treated, but got all my ideas from Science and Health.

My baby was born on Sunday morning, and I got up

Monday at noon, and stayed up. I never got along so

well with a baby as I did with this one.

I am very thankful for the knowledge of Science I

have gained through your book. I want so much to be

a Scientist; but we are very poor. My husband is a

brakeman on the railroad; and I have very little educa-

tion. There is comfort in the thought that, if I can't be

a Scientist, my children may be.

Yours with much love,

C. A. W., Lexington, Mo.

In the February Journal it appears there is some one

who says that "Science and Health with Key to the

Scriptures" is hard to understand, and who thinks she

can explain it. Perhaps my experience with Science

and Health may help some one who might otherwise

take up this thought, and so be led away from the truth.

After reading and studying it for some time, and talking

to the Scientists I met in my travels, the thought came

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