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and the perfectness of idea, — she would know nothing

else. A daughter, so badly affected by poison oak (ivy)

that for weeks death was feared from blood-poisoning,

had recovered with a terrible dread of that plant. As

the next season's picnic time drew near, she was regret-

ting that she dared not go again. The mother, with her

new-born faith in the Science of being, said, "Certainly

you can go, for nothing can harm you." Assured by

these words, the daughter went, and in her rambles fell

into a mass of the dreaded plant; but trusting to the

word of Truth, she thought nothing of it till one who

knew of her previous trouble said, in her mother's pres-

ence, "See, her face is showing red already." But the

mother was prompt in denial and assurance. Next morn-

ing, old symptoms were out in force, but they yielded

at once and finally to the positive and uncompromising

hold on Truth. Another daughter, that was thought

too delicate to raise, from bronchial and nervous troubles,

always dosed with medicine and wrapped in flannels,

now runs free and well without either of these, winter

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and summer. The mother was recently attacked by

mesmerism from the church that believed she was in-

fluencing her daughter to leave. She overcame by the

same unwavering trust in God, seeing Truth clearer than

ever before. Her demonstrations come through no form

of treatment, but by letting the Spirit bear witness, —

by the positive recognition and realization of no reality

but ever-present good.

The other night her husband was attacked with an

old belief, similar to one that some time before had ended

in a congestive chill which the doctor thought very seri-

ous, and from which he had been a long time in recover-

ing. The wife simply recognized no reality in the belief,

and, seeing only perfect being, felt no fear. She did

nothing, — no "treating" in the usual sense. There is

nothing to do but to understand that all is harmony,

always. He felt the presence that destroys the sense of

evil, and next morning — there was nothing left to re-

cover from.

A lady, while doing some starching, thoughtlessly put

her hand into the scalding starch to wring out a collar.

Recalled to mortal sense by the stinging pain, she imme-

diately realized the all-power of God. At once the pain

began to subside; and as she brushed off the scalding

starch, she could see the blister-swelling go down till

there was but a little redness to show for the accident;

absorbed in her thankfulness, she mechanically wrung

out the collar with the same hand, and with no sense of

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