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pain, thus verifying the demonstration. This woman

(not reading English) only knows Science as she has re-

ceived it from her practitioner during the treatments

received within the last month. So much has come to

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her from Spirit through her loyalty to Christ, in so far

as she could understand.

A case of ulcerated tooth and neuralgic belief would

only partially yield after repeated treatments, till it was

discovered that the patient was antagonizing Truth by

holding the thought that her old remedy, laudanum,

would give relief; treated from this standpoint, relief was

immediate and final.

One morning after Rev.— had been preaching to

thousands for several days, he told them that he had

never felt such a sense of depression nor had so little

showing of results. Some Scientists hearing this, at once

saw his trouble. He had been fearlessly exposing and

denouncing evil; and it had turned on him, till the mes-

merism was likely to overcome him entirely, for he did

not understand the seeming power. The effect of the

silent word to uplift and sustain, was very manifest that

evening in his preaching, and was a beautiful demon-

stration of Science. He probably only felt Spirit-inspira-

tion as he had not before, without a thought as to what

had broken the evil spell; but we never know the what,

or when, or where, of the harvest we can sow — "God

giveth the increase." — E. H. B., Sacramento

I had two German patients who were anxious to have

you publish "Science and Health with Key to the Scrip-

tures" in their language. I advised them to buy it and

try to read it. They commenced reading, and now can

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read all of Science and Health, but do not read well any

other book or paper, and they do not need to. With

great love. — M. H. P.

I sold three copies of "Science and Health with Key

to the Scriptures" to friends, not long ago. One of them,

fifty years of age, said to me, "I never had one day's

sickness in my life; but after reading Science and Health

I found that I was bruised and mangled, from the crown

of my head to the soles of my feet. I have been reach-

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