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An answer addressed to me, or published in the Journal,

would help one who is seeking to do right.

Yours sincerely,       K. L. T.

I do wish to add my testimony of being healed by

reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scrip-

Page 424

tures." I had been an invalid for over twenty years,

and had given up all hope of ever being well again. I

had read the book about six weeks, when it seemed

I was made all over new, and I could "run, and not be

weary; and . . . walk, and not faint." I did not under-

stand it, but it was the savior from death unto life with

me; I have remained well ever since I was healed, —

more than five years ago. I commenced to treat others

as soon as I was born anew into the kingdom of Truth.

My patients were healed right along, before I had taken

lessons in a class, and they have remained well to this


Christian Science has made me as young as a girl of

sixteen. If this should meet the eye of any sufferers

who may be led to go and do as I did, they will be

healed. — N. A. E.

Language is inadequate when bearing grateful testi-

mony to the book "Science and Health with Key to the

Scriptures." By its simple reading, I was healed of ills

which baffled the skill of specialists and all curatives

that love and money could command. After eighteen

years of invalidism, and eight years of scepticism, with-

out hope, with no God, — except a First Cause, — I was

given up to die.

A loving friend told me of this book, which was soon

brought; and thirty-five pages of the first chapter were

read to me that evening. The next morning I got up,

walked, and read the book for myself.

I mention the chapter, for the reason that nearly two

years have passed since those wonderful words of Life

Page 425

were first read to me, and still their sacred sweetness is

ever the same. Now I exclaim, God is All!


It is impossible for me to keep still any longer. In

1885, when I had not known a well day in five years,

"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" was

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