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placed in my hands by a dear lady who insisted upon

my reading it, saying she believed it would heal me. Like

many, I was afraid of it, — until I learned what it really

was. The friend's words were verified. I was healed

by the reading of the book, and for one year continued

to read nothing whatever but the Bible and Science

and Health. They were my constant study. Through the

understanding gained, that God is All, I came to demon-

strate with great success, and with but one thought, —

for I knew nothing about giving a "treatment;" I wish

I knew as little now, for I believe that healing in Christian

Science is to be done in a moment. I became anxious to

learn more, to study with the teacher, but funds would

not allow, — and I thought to substitute a course in

Chicago, perhaps. Every time I would speak of it, how-

ever, my dear mother would say, "You have Science and

Health and the Bible, and God for your teacher — what

more do you need? If I could not go to the teacher, I

would not go to any one."

If I had only heeded the blessed counsel of Truth!

I went to Chicago, however, so full of confidence in

Christian Science that I supposed every one who had

studied with Mrs. Eddy must be right. Unfortunately,

I took my course with a spiritualist who had been through

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two of her classes; discovered my mistake, and went to

a mind-cure, — only to find the mistake repeated. Being

an earnest seeker for Truth, I tried again to go to the

Massachusetts Metaphysical College; but it was un-

certain when there would be a class, so I took a course

with one of Mrs. Eddy's students in Boston. The dark-

ness now rolled away. Science and Health once more

revealed the light to me as of old.

All this time, the mind-curers had me in view, and

were sending me reading-matter; but, praise the Lord!

Truth is victorious.

My dear brothers and sisters, let us be safely guided

by the counsels of our Mother, in Science and Health!

I, for one, am astounded that I was so led astray; but I

did it all through ignorance, — and the sincere desire to

know the truth and to do it, saved me.

Your sister in truth,        R. D.

I have been reading Science and Health for one year

and a half, and have had some wonderful demonstra-

tions. People here are antagonistic to the Science, and

tell me that I am a "fit subject for the asylum." Physi-

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