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Some of the experiences given in the Journal have

been so helpful to me, I have been moved to give to its

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readers a little experience of my own, which occurred

when I first began the study of "Science and Health with

Key to the Scriptures."

I had already been healed of sick headache, almost

instantly, by declaring that I was God's child, and, as

God is perfect, His child must be perfect also. This had

given me great happiness, and a quiet, peaceful state of

mind I never had known before. My family did not

seem to see anything good in Christian Science, but to

me it was sacred.

One Monday morning, I awoke feeling very ill indeed.

The morning was warm and sultry. I thought I cer-

tainly could not wash that day; but when I went down-

stairs, I found my daughter had made preparations for

such work. I thought, "Well, if she feels like washing,

I will not say anything; perhaps I shall get over this."

After breakfast I went about my work, thinking I could

lean against the tub and wash with more ease than I

could do up the morning work. I tried to treat myself

as I had done before, — tried to realize that "all is Mind,

there is no matter;" that "God is All, there is nothing

beside Him," but all to no purpose. I seemed to grow

worse all the time. I did not want my family to know

how badly I was feeling, and it was very humiliating to

think that I must give up and go to bed.

All at once these questions came to me, as though

spoken by some one, taking me away from my line of

thought entirely: How is God an ever-present help?

How does He know our earnest desires? Then, with-

out waiting for me to think how, the answer came in

the same way, God is conscious Mind. Instantly the

thoughts came: Is God conscious of me? Can I be

Page 431

conscious of Him? I was healed instantly: every bad

feeling was destroyed. I could see that the morning

had not changed a particle, but I was oblivious of the

weather. It did not seem that I had anything more to

do with that washing. It was finished in good season,

while I was "absent from the body, and present with the


That was the beginning of the battle with sin and

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