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self, but at the same time it was the dawning of the resur-

rection. Since then (over four years) I have had many

experiences, some of which seem too sacred to give to the

world. False literature has caused me much suffering;

sorrow has visited my home; but, through all this, the

light that came to me on that Monday morning — that

new and precious sense of omnipresent Life, Truth,

and Love — has never left me one moment. It was the

light that cannot be hid.

MRS. H. B. J., Cambridge, Ill.


Four years ago I learned for the first time that there

was a way to be healed through Christ. I had always

been sick, but found no relief in drugs; still, I thought

that if the Bible was true, God could heal me. So, when

my attention was called to Christian Science, I at once

bought "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,"

studied it, and began to improve in health. I seemed

to see God so near and so dear, — so different from

the God I had been taught to fear. I studied alone night

and day, until I found I was healed, both physically and


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Then came a desire to tell every one of this wonder-

ful truth. I expected all to feel just as pleased as

I did; but to my sorrow none would believe. Some,

it is true, took treatment and were helped, but went

on in the old way, without a word of thanks. But still

I could not give up. I seemed to know that this was

the way, and I had rather live it alone than to follow

the crowd the other way. But as time passed, I had

some good demonstrations of this Love that is our


I am the only Scientist in Le Roy, as yet, but the good

seed has been sown, and where the people once scoffed

at this "silly new idea," they are becoming interested,

and many have been healed, and some are asking about

it. One dear old lady and I study the Bible Lessons

every Tuesday afternoon. She came to call, and as we

talked, she told me of her sickness of years' standing;

and was healed during our talk, so that she has never felt

a touch of the old trouble since.

One lady, whom I had never seen, was healed of con-

sumption in six weeks' treatment. She had not left

her bed in four months, and had been given up by many



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