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About twelve o'clock at night, I saw a vision in the form

of a man with wings, standing at the foot of my bed, —

wings partly spread, — one arm hanging loosely at his

side, and one extended above his head. At the same

time there was a bright light shining in my room, which

made all objects shine like fire. I knew where I was,

and was not afraid. The vision (for such it was), after

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looking directly at me for some time, spoke this one sen-

tence, and then disappeared: "Do right, and thou shalt

be saved."

I immediately tried to live according to that precept,

and found relief in proportion to my understanding.

I soon after learned of Christian Science. One of my

brothers in Kansas, having been healed by it, persuaded

me to buy "Science and Health with Key to the Scrip-

tures," wherein I learned that the above precept was the

key to Christian Science; that it is Christian Science to

do right, and that nothing short of right living has any

claim to the name.

I have been learning my way in Christian Science

about one year, and have been successful in healing. I

have all of your books, and am a subscriber for the Jour-

nal and Quarterly Bible Lessons. Some of the cases

I have treated have yielded almost instantly. I am a

stranger to you, but I have told you the truth, just as it

occurred. Yours in truth,

SAM SCHROYER, Oklahoma City, Okla.

I desire to make known the great good I have re-

ceived by reading the blessed book "Science and Health

with Key to the Scriptures." Four years have now

passed since I began to read it. It has been my only

healer and teacher, as I never have had an opportunity

to go through a class; but I find that the "Spirit of truth"

will teach us all things if we will but practise well what

we know. After two years and a half of study, I thought,

as many beginners think, that I had travelled over the

worst part of this narrow path.

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Soon after, it came about that I was separated from

every one who had ever heard of Christian Science; and,

as I lived in the country, no one came to visit me for

about eight months. At first, I thought the Lord had

wrought a great evil. I had no one to talk to, but would

take my Science and Health every morning, before go-

ing about my work, and read; yet mortal mind would

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