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"Mr. F— , have you not got one bit of pain?" I was

rewarded by hearing him answer, "No, sir; not the least

bit." No one else seemed to have any hope for him; but

I held firmly to the thought that God is an ever-present

help, never doubting, and Christian Science has again

won a victory. Many people call it a miracle, and it

has set them to thinking.

The harvest is now ripe and ready for the reaper. I

wish some good Christian Science teacher would come

and help us. I can help in my own way, but am not

advanced enough to lead and teach others. I have only

studied Science and Health a little over a year, and have

not been through a class yet.

S. G. SCHROYER, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I became interested in Christian Science through be-

ing healed. I had no faith in doctors, therefore would

not consult any; but felt that something must be done,

or I would soon follow a brother and sister who had

passed on with the same claim. In my extremity I thought

of the "great Physician," and took my case to Him, and

realized that He alone could help me.

A relative, finding I would not consult a doctor or

take any drug, gave me "Science and Health with Key

to the Scriptures" to read; saying that, although a dear

friend thought she was greatly helped by a Christian

Scientist, he himself had no faith in that kind of treat-

ment, and had no use for the book.

I had heard of the people called Christian Scientists,

and of their textbook, Science and Health, but knew

nothing about either; yet I wanted to know, and took

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the book gladly, and was soon deeply interested in it.

It was a revelation to me. Although I could only under-

stand it in part, I knew it was the truth, and the truth

was making me free. I felt that I had been bound and

in prison; and that now, one after another, the bonds

were being broken, and I was lifted into the pure air

and light of heaven. I was healed before I had read

half-way through the precious volume; for I was obliged

to read slowly, and some passages over and over again.

When I came to page 304, line 10 (47th edition), I then

and there felt that I must add my testimony, though

already there were "heaps upon heaps;" but since then,

I have tried to put the thought of those dark days away

from me, and only refer to them now in the hope that

some one who is bound may be released and brought

into the light of divine Love, which alone can heal, and

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