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in it, it was for me as well as others; that I surely needed

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it, and if I found no good in it, I could then with some

show of reason condemn it.

I had been reading Science and Health about two

weeks, when one morning I wanted my cane. It had

been misplaced; and while looking for it the thought

came to me, If all is Mind, I need no cane. I went out

without it, have not used it at all since, and do not need

it as a support; but for a time I did miss it from my

hand. I had used it for years as a support to a very

lame back.

I before went much stooped, because it pained me to

straighten up; but from the time I laid my cane aside I

straightened up, free from pain. Occasionally I have a

slight pain in my back, but it is nothing to compare with

what it had been.

In a short time after laying my cane aside, my pipe

and tobacco went out into the street and have not re-

turned. I had smoked for sixty-five years, and chewed

for fifty. I have no desire for either of them; in fact,

the smoke is offensive to me.

Many times before I had tried to quit, but the desire

for it was so strong that I would go back to it; and when

I tried to "taper off," I would make the taper end the


Many other physical claims have disappeared, and it

is a common thing for acquaintances to say when they

meet me, "You look better than I have seen you for

years; what have you been doing?" My reply is, I not

only look better, but feel better, and am better; and

Christian Science has done it.

With all this, I seem to have very little spiritual under-

standing of the truth; am endeavoring to get more, but

Page 444

it seems slow. If there is a shorter road to it than I have

found, I should like to be directed to it.

J. S. M., Joplin, Mo.

Four years ago I was healed by reading "Science and

Health with Key to the Scriptures." The third day,

one of my worst claims gave way. The book was full of

light, and disease vanished as naturally as darkness gives

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