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3understood, we shall classify evil and error as mortal mind, in contradistinction to good and Truth, or the Mind which is immortal."

6Do animals and beasts have a mind?

Beasts, as well as men, express Mind as their origin; but they manifest less of Mind. The first and only

9cause is the eternal Mind, which is God, and there is but one God. The ferocious mind seen in the beast is mortal mind, which is harmful and proceeds not from

12God; for His beast is the lion that lieth down with the lamb. Appetites, passions, anger, revenge, subtlety, are the animal qualities of sinning mortals; and the

15beasts that have these propensities express the lower qualities of the so-called animal man; in other words, the nature and quality of mortal mind, — not immortal


What is the distinction between mortal mind and im- mortal Mind?

21Mortal mind includes all evil, disease, and death; also, all beliefs relative to the so-called material laws, and all material objects, and the law of sin and death.

24The Scripture says, "The carnal mind [in other words, mortal mind] is enmity against God; for it is not sub- ject to the law of God, neither indeed can be." Mortal

27mind is an illusion; as much in our waking moments as in the dreams of sleep. The belief that intelligence, Truth, and Love, are in matter and separate from God,

30is an error; for there is no intelligent evil, and no power

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1besides God, good. God would not be omnipotent if there were in reality another mind creating or governing

3man or the universe.

Immortal Mind is God; and this Mind is made manifest in all thoughts and desires that draw man-

6kind toward purity, health, holiness, and the spiritual facts of being.

Jesus recognized this relation so clearly that he said,

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