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place to light, although it was about six months before

I was entirely healed.

Seeing this truth in its purity, showed me where to

take my stand; and in defending it I have the prince of

this world to meet. Mortal mind has even called me

crazy; but what a blessing to know the nothingness of

that mind, and that divine Principle governs all its ideas,

and will place each where it belongs!

If our Master was persecuted, can his servants hope to

escape? I know in some degree what Paul meant when

he said he rejoiced in tribulations, "for when I am weak,

then am I strong."

Many claims that have baffled the skill of the physi-

cians have disappeared through my understanding of

Truth. What a blessing that we can break the bread of

Life to others, and so add to our crown of rejoicing!

S. E. R., Kansas City, Mo.

A dear little six-year old boy of my acquaintance was

invited by his teacher, with the rest of his class in kinder-

garten school, to attend a picnic one afternoon. He did

not feel that he wanted to go; seemed dumpish, and

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according to mortal belief was not well; at noon, he said

he wanted to go to sleep.

His mother took him in her lap and began to read to

him from "Science and Health with Key to the Scrip-

tures." Very soon he expressed a wish to go to the

picnic, and did go. His father, happening to pass the

place where the little ones were spending the afternoon,

and somewhat surprised to see him playing, as happy

and active as any there, called to him and asked, "How

long did you sleep?" The little fellow replied, "I did

not sleep at all; mamma read to me from Science and

Health, and I was well in a minute." — K. L. H.

One evening I was calling on a neighbor, and some-

how the subject of Christian Science came up. I asked

her what it was, and what they believed.

She then told me of a friend of hers who had become

a Christian Scientist. This friend had passed through

great sorrow and disappointment; her health had failed

her, and her cheerful disposition had entirely changed;

she could talk of nothing but her troubles, and was a

most unhappy woman. A few years ago she visited my

neighbor, who, greatly surprised at her changed appear-

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