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ance, — for she was happy and well, — asked where her

troubles were. The reply was, "I have no troubles. I

have found true happiness; for I have become a Chris-

tian Scientist."

I became deeply interested, and asked if the students

in Clinton had public meetings on Sundays. She replied

that they had, and told me where they were.

The next Sunday, I went. All was quiet when I en-

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tered, for they were engaged in silent prayer. Soon they

repeated the spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer.

I shall never forget the impression that made on me; all

the next week I heard the leader's voice repeating the

first sentence.

I was invited to come again, and did so. One of the

ladies loaned me "Science and Health with Key to the

Scriptures," and offered to get me one; which she did

the next week. I have studied it in connection with the

Bible. I have greatly improved in health, having had

only one attack of a physical trouble which caused great

suffering, since that time, and that was a year ago.

At first, I did not think anything about being healed,

or of my physical infirmity. I only loved the sacred teach-

ing. How true, that God's word does not return unto

Him void! The words of truth that my neighbor's

friend spoke to her, were what first awakened me. If

the one who first hears it does not receive it, it goes to

some one who is ready, and it takes root and bears fruit.

MRS. G. H. I., Clinton, N. Y.

About three years ago I was near death's door with

various troubles; also, was seventy years old. I had a

desire to know something of Christian Science.

I procured the textbook, and studied it with a desire

to know the truth. At first all was dark; but light began

slowly to come, and at the end of three months I found

my physical claims all gone and my eyesight restored.

At the end of three months more, I had gained thirty-

five pounds in weight.

I had been an infidel, and the change from that came

more slowly; but now I know that my Redeemer lives,

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and I am able by divine grace to make very convincing

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