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During this time God and the "little book" were my

only help. My understanding was very limited; but like

the prodigal son, I had turned away from the husks,

towards my Father's house, and while I "was yet a great

way off" my Father came to meet me. When this great

cloud of darkness was banished by the light of Truth,

could I doubt that Christian Science was indeed the

"Comforter" that would lead us "into all truth"?

Again I lay at the point of death; but holding stead-

fastly to the truth, knowing, from the teaching of this

precious book, that God is Life and there is no death, I

was raised up to health, — restored to my husband and

little children, all of whom I am thankful to say are now

with me in Science.

I had no one to talk with on this subject, knew no one

of whose understanding I felt sure enough to ask for

help; but I was careful from the first not to read or

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inquire into anything except genuine Christian Science,

and how thankful I am for it! Since then, I have been

through a class.

I cannot express in words what Christian Science has

done for my children, or my gratitude that the light of

Truth has come to them in their innocent childhood, —

healing all claims of sickness, and showing us how to over-

come the more stubborn claims of sin. — L. F. B.

It is a little over one year since a very esteemed friend,

of this city, invited me to partake of the heavenly manna

contained in the revelation of "Science and Health with

Key to the Scriptures." I had, up to that time, been

for fifteen years a victim of hip-joint disease; this even-

tually confining me to my bed, where I had been ten

months when the "book of prophecy" was opened for

me. I was not long in finding the light I needed, — that

gave "feet to the lame," enabling me now to go, move,

and walk, where I will, without crutch or support of any

description, save the staff of divine Science.

In proportion as my thoughts are occupied with the

work in Science, does the peace and joy come inwardly

that transforms the blight of error externally.

T. G. K., Tacoma, Wash.

I wish to acknowledge the blessings which Christian

Science has brought to me through reading "Science and

Health with Key to the Scriptures." My first demon-

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