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to benefit mankind. Yes! why? Because they had

been seeking in the opposite direction to Truth, namely,

for cause and effect in matter, when all cause and effect

are mental.

I mention physicians and ministers, because one class

claims to heal disease, the other claims to heal sin; but

Christian Science heals physically and morally, — it con-

tains all; "its leaves are for the healing of the nations."

L. B. A., Memphis, Tenn.

I was for years a great sufferer. I called doctor after

doctor, getting no help. The last one, after treating me

for one year, told me he would give me one year more

to live.

One evening a near neighbor came in and asked me

to go home with her; and as it was only a few steps, I

did so.

She took up a new book, Science and Health, read me

a few chapters, and then gave me some Christian Science

tracts, which I read, and one of them I almost committed

to memory.

I bought a copy of "Science and Health with Key to

Page 452

the Scriptures," and studied it carefully. I am healed

of all those claims which troubled me so long. I was

lifted out of darkness into light.

M. J. P., Burns, Oregon

Chicago, March 19, 1894

Rev. Mary B. G. Eddy, Boston, Mass.: — I wish to

thank you for the true light that was revealed to me by

reading your book, "Science and Health with Key to the

Scriptures," and at once adopting its teaching. It was

one year ago to-day that I put on the armor, determined

never to surrender to the enemy; and you may know I

have looked forward to this day with a great deal of

pleasure, to show my friends that the Lord is constantly

with me to help overcome all evil.

Some said, when I first started in this new path, "Wait

until you get one of your stomach attacks, and you will

change your mind." For months they have waited, and

are beginning to see the truth in my actions, that speak

for themselves, and show that all is Mind.

For nearly thirty years I had been a sufferer from

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