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throat and stomach troubles; bronchitis, dyspepsia, gas-

tralgia, and gastritis, etc., were the terms applied by

my physicians. About eighteen years of that time I was

engaged in the drug business, had constant opportunities

for consulting the best physicians, and took such medicine

as I felt assured would cure me; but only to be disap-

pointed each time.

The last few years I had been living on oatmeal crackers

and hot water; suffering more or less all the time, and

could not eat anything else without suffering intense

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pain. I felt as though I could not live many months

more, and was getting ready to give up the fight

when a dear friend and neighbor, Mrs. Corning, left

a copy of Science and Health at our home. At first I

did not care to read it; having been educated, for many

years, in the belief that medicine can cure all diseases, I

could not conceive of anything else to cure the sick.

One Sunday I had the curiosity to know something

about this Christian Science, and read Science and Health.

The more I read, the more interested I became, and

finally said to myself, "I will try it." I took a large

porous plaster and four thicknesses of flannel off my

stomach, and threw them in the corner, saying, "Now

it shall be Mind over matter; no more matter over Mind."

I filled a large basket full of bottles containing medicine,

and put it in the shed (where all medicine should be).

From that day I have eaten of everything on the table,

and all I wished. Coffee was my worst enemy, and I

had not tasted it for years without suffering untold agony.

Several days passed before I cared to drink it; then, one

morning, I told my family I would commence to use it;

I did, and have used it every day since, and don't know

that I have a stomach, as it never has caused me any

trouble since that morning.

I am happy to say I have not used a drop of any kind

of medicine, internally or externally, from that day, and

I know that all is Mind. I read the Bible and Science

and Health nearly every day, thanking the Lord for the

years of suffering which have led me to the truth as taught

by our Saviour; for I feel it was only through its victory

over the suffering that the truth could have been revealed

in my case.

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I have had some demonstrations to make over error,

but each time it becomes easier. God is ever present

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