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no final conclusion of the whole matter could be reached

from premises based wholly on material knowledge.

They could explain "matter" and its properties to their

own satisfaction, but the intelligence that lay behind or

beyond it, and which was manifested in and through it,

was to them as much of a mystery as it was to the hum-

blest of God's creatures. They could prove pretty con-

clusively that many of the generally accepted theories

had no basis in fact; but they left us as much in the

dark regarding Life and its governing Principle as had

the divines before them.

About four years ago, while still in the mental condi-

tion above indicated, my attention was called to what at

that time appeared to me to be a new phase of spiritism,

and which was called by those who professed to believe

in it, Christian Science. I thought that I had given some

attention to about all the isms that ever existed, and that

this was only another phantasm of some religionist lost

in the labyrinths of mental hallucination.

In my reflections at that time it seemed to me that

life was an incomprehensible enigma; that the creator

had placed us on this earth, and left us entirely in the

dark as to His purpose in so doing. We seemed to be

cast upon the ocean of time, and left to drift aimlessly

about, with no exact knowledge of what was required of

us or how to attain unto the truth, which must certainly

have an existence somewhere. It seemed to me that in

the very nature of things there must be a great error

somewhere in our understanding, or that the creator

Himself had slipped a cog when He fitted all things into

their proper spheres. That there had been a grand mis-

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take somewhere I had no doubt; but I still had doubt

enough of my own capabilities and understanding to be-

lieve that the mistake, whatever it was, was in me and

not in the creator. I knew that, in a fair measure at

least, I had an honest desire to live aright, as it was given

me to see the right, and to strive to some extent to do the

will of God, if I could only know certainly just what it


While in this frame of mind, I inwardly appealed to

the great unseen power to enlighten my understanding,

and to lead me into a knowledge of the truth, promising

mentally to follow wherever it might lead, if I could only

do so understandingly.

My wife had been investigating Christian Science to

some extent, but knowing my natural antipathy to such

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