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vagaries, as I then thought them, had said very little to

me about it; but one day, while discussing the mysteries

of life with a judge of one of our courts, he asked me

whether I had ever looked into the teachings of the Chris-

tian Scientists. I told him that I had not, and he urged

me very strongly to do so. He claimed to have investi-

gated their teachings, and said that he had become a

thorough believer in them. This aroused my curiosity,

and I procured the book called "Science and Health

with Key to the Scriptures," and read it. Before read-

ing very far in it, I became pretty thoroughly nauseated

with what I thought the chimerical ideas of the author,

but kept on reading, — more because I had promised to

read the book than because of interest in its teachings;

but before I had gotten through with it, I did become

interested in the Principle that I thought I discovered

the author was striving to elucidate; and when I got

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through it, I began again and reread it very carefully.

When I had finished reading this book the second time,

I had become thoroughly convinced that her explana-

tion of the religion taught by Jesus Christ, and what

he did teach, afforded the only explanation which, to

my mind, came anywhere near harmonizing and making

cohesive what had always seemed contradictory and

inexplicable in the Bible. I became satisfied that I had

found the truth for which I had long been seeking, and

I arose from the reading of the book a changed man;

doubt and uncertainty had fled, and my mind has never

been troubled with a serious doubt upon the subject from

that day to this.

I do not pretend to have acquired the power it is claimed

we may attain to; but I am satisfied that the fault is in

me, and not in the Principle. I think I can almost hear

you ask, What! do you believe in miracles? I answer

unhesitatingly, Yes; I believe in the manifestations of

the power of Mind which the world calls miraculous;

but which those who claim to understand the Principle

through which the works are done, seem to think not

unnatural, but only the logical result of the application

of a known Principle.

It always did seem to me that Truth should be self-

evident, or at least susceptible of unmistakable proof, —

which all religions seemed to lack, at least in so far as I

had known them. I now remember that Jesus furnished

unmistakable proofs of the truth of his teachings, by his

manifestations of the power of Mind, or, as some might

call it, Spirit; which power he plainly taught would be

acquired by those who believed in the Principle which he

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