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In what way is a Christian Scientist an instrument by which God reaches others to heal them, and what most

27obstructs the way?

A Christian, or a Christian Scientist, assumes no more when claiming to work with God in healing the sick,

30than in converting the sinner. Divine help is as neces-

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1sary in the one case as in the other. The scientific Prin- ciple of healing demands such cooperation; but this

3unison and its power would be arrested if one were to mix material methods with the spiritual, — were to min- gle hygienic rules, drugs, and prayers in the same pro-

6cess, — and thus serve "other gods." Truth is as effectual in destroying sickness as in the destruction of sin.

9It is often asked, "If Christian Science is the same method of healing that Jesus and the apostles used, why do not its students perform as instantaneous cures

12as did those in the first century of the Christian era?"

In some instances the students of Christian Science equal the ancient prophets as healers. All true healing

15is governed by, and demonstrated on, the same Princi- ple as theirs; namely, the action of the divine Spirit, through the power of Truth to destroy error, discord

18of whatever sort. The reason that the same results fol- low not in every case, is that the student does not in every case possess sufficiently the Christ-spirit and its

21power to cast out the disease. The Founder of Chris- tian Science teaches her students that they must possess the spirit of Truth and Love, must gain the power

24over sin in themselves, or they cannot be instantaneous healers.

In this Christian warfare the student or practitioner

27has to master those elements of evil too common to other minds. If it is hate that is holding the purpose to kill his patient by mental means, it requires more divine

30understanding to conquer this sin than to nullify either the disease itself or the ignorance by which one unin- tentionally harms himself or another. An element of

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