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24In 1894, I received from the Daughters of the American Revolution a certificate of membership made out to Mary Baker Eddy, and thereafter adopted that form of signa-

27ture, except in connection with my published works.

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1The first edition of Science and Health having been copyrighted at the date of its issue, 1875, in my name

3of Glover, caused me to retain the initial "G" on my subsequent books.

These pages, although a reproduction of what has

6been written, are still in advance of their time; and are richly rewarded by what they have hitherto achieved for the race. While no offering can liquidate one's debt of

9gratitude to God, the fervent heart and willing hand are not unknown to nor unrewarded by Him.

May this volume be to the reader a graphic guide-

12book, pointing the path, dating the unseen, and enabling him to walk the untrodden in the hitherto unexplored fields of Science. At each recurring holiday the Christian

15Scientist will find herein a "canny" crumb; and thus may time's pastimes become footsteps to joys eternal.

Realism will at length be found to surpass imagination,

18and to suit and savor all literature. The shuttlecock of religious intolerance will fall to the ground, if there be no battledores to fling it back and forth. It is reason for

21rejoicing that the vox populi is inclined to grant us peace, together with pardon for the preliminary battles that purchased it.

24With tender tread, thought sometimes walks in memory, through the dim corridors of years, on to old battle- grounds, there sadly to survey the fields of the slain and the enemy's losses. In compiling this work, I have tried

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1to remove the pioneer signs and ensigns of war, and to retain at this date the privileged armaments of peace.

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