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12and successful practitioners. The simple sense one gains of this Science through careful, unbiased, contemplative reading of my books, is far more advantageous to the

15sick and to the learner than is or can be the spurious teaching of those who are spiritually unqualified. The sad fact at this early writing is, that the letter is gained

18sooner than the spirit of Christian Science: time is re- quired thoroughly to qualify students for the great ordeal of this century.

21If one student tries to undermine another, such sinister rivalry does a vast amount of injury to the Cause. To fill one's pocket at the expense of his conscience, or to

24build on the downfall of others, incapacitates one to practise or teach Christian Science. The occasional tem- porary success of such an one is owing, in part, to the im-

27possibility for those unacquainted with the mighty Truth of Christian Science to recognize, as such, the barefaced errors that are taught — and the damaging effects these

30leave on the practice of the learner, on the Cause, and on the health of the community.

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1Honest students speak the truth "according to the pattern showed to thee in the mount," and live it: these

3are not working for emoluments, and may profitably teach people, who are ready to investigate this subject, the rudiments of Christian Science.

6Can Christian Science cure acute cases where there is necessity for immediate relief, as in membranous croup?

The remedial power of Christian Science is positive,

9and its application direct. It cannot fail to heal in every case of disease, when conducted by one who un- derstands this Science sufficiently to demonstrate its

12highest possibilities.

If I have the toothache, and nothing stops it until I have the tooth extracted, and then the pain ceases, has

15the mind, or extracting, or both, caused the pain to cease?

What you thought was pain in the bone or nerve, could

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