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18only have been a belief of pain in matter; for matter has no sensation. It was a state of mortal thought made manifest in the flesh. You call this body matter, when

21awake, or when asleep in a dream. That matter can re- port pain, or that mind is in matter, reporting sensa- tions, is but a dream at all times. You believed that if

24the tooth were extracted, the pain would cease: this de- mand of mortal thought once met, your belief assumed a new form, and said, There is no more pain. When

27your belief in pain ceases, the pain stops; for matter has no intelligence of its own. By applying this men- tal remedy or antidote directly to your belief, you scien-

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1tifically prove the fact that Mind is supreme. This is not done by will-power, for that is not Science but mesmerism.

3The full understanding that God is Mind, and that mat- ter is but a belief, enables you to control pain. Chris- tian Science, by means of its Principle of metaphysical

6healing, is able to do more than to heal a toothache; although its power to allay fear, prevent inflammation, and destroy the necessity for ether — thereby avoiding

9the fatal results that frequently follow the use of that drug — render this Science invaluable in the practice of dentistry.

12Can an atheist or a profane man be cured by metaphysics, or Christian Science?

The moral status of the man demands the remedy of

15Truth more in this than in most cases; therefore, under the deific law that supply invariably meets demand, this Science is effectual in treating moral ailments. Sin is

18not the master of divine Science, but vice versa; and when Science in a single instance decides the conflict, the patient is better both morally and physically.

21If God made all that was made, and it was good, where did evil originate?

It never originated or existed as an entity. It is but a

24false belief; even the belief that God is not what the Scriptures imply Him to be, All-in-all, but that there is an opposite intelligence or mind termed evil. This

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