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It is alleged that at one of his recent lectures in Bos- ton Mr. Carpenter made a man drunk on water, and

15then informed his audience that he could produce the effect of alcohol, or of any drug, on the human system, through the action of mind alone. This honest declara-

18tion as to the animus of animal magnetism and the pos- sible purpose to which it can be devoted, has, we trust, been made in season to open the eyes of the people to the

21hidden nature of some tragic events and sudden deaths at this period.

Was ever a person made insane by studying meta-


Such an occurrence would be impossible, for the proper study of Mind-healing would cure the insane.

27That persons have gone away from the Massachusetts Metaphysical College "made insane by Mrs. Eddy's teachings," like a hundred other stories, is a baseless

30fabrication offered solely to injure her or her school. The enemy is trying to make capital out of the follow-

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1ing case. A young lady entered the College class who, I quickly saw, had a tendency to monomania, and re-

3quested her to withdraw before its close. We are cred- ibly informed that, before entering the College, this young lady had manifested some mental unsoundness,

6and have no doubt she could have been restored by Christian Science treatment. Her friends employed a homoeopathist, who had the skill and honor to state, as his

9opinion given to her friends, that "Mrs. Eddy's teach- ings had not produced insanity." This is the only case that could be distorted into the claim of insanity ever

12having occurred in a class of Mrs. Eddy's; while ac- knowledged and notable cases of insanity have been cured in her class.

15If all that is mortal is a dream or error, is not our capacity for formulating a dream, real; is it not God-made; and if God-made, can it be wrong, sinful, or

18an error?

The spirit of Truth leads into all truth, and enables man to discern between the real and the unreal. Enter-

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