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1lusts." This text may refer to such as seek the material to aid the spiritual, and take drugs to support God's

3power to heal them. It is difficult to say how much one can do for himself, whose faith is divided be- tween catnip and Christ; but not so difficult to know

6that if he were to serve one master, he could do vastly more. Whosoever understands the power of Spirit, has no doubt of God's power, — even the might of Truth, —

9to heal, through divine Science, beyond all human means

and methods.

What do you think of marriage?

12That it is often convenient, sometimes pleasant, and occasionally a love affair. Marriage is susceptible of many definitions. It sometimes presents the most

15wretched condition of human existence. To be normal, it must be a union of the affections that tends to lift mortals higher.

18If this life is a dream not dispelled, but only changed, by death, — if one gets tired of it, why not commit suicide?

21Man's existence is a problem to be wrought in divine Science. What progress would a student of science make, if, when tired of mathematics or failing to dem-

24onstrate one rule readily, he should attempt to work out a rule farther on and more difficult — and this, because the first rule was not easily demonstrated? In

27that case he would be obliged to turn back and work out the previous example, before solving the advanced problem. Mortals have the sum of being to work out,

30and up, to its spiritual standpoint. They must work

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1out of this dream or false claim of sensation and life in matter, and up to the spiritual realities of existence,

3before this false claim can be wholly dispelled. Com- mitting suicide to dodge the question is not working it out. The error of supposed life and intelligence in

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