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12power of Christian Science over all obstacles that envy and malice would fling in her path. The reading of her book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,"

15is curing hundreds at this very time; and the sick, un- asked, are testifying thereto.

Must I study your Science in order to keep well all my

18life? I was healed of a chronic trouble after one month's treatment by one of your students.

When once you are healed by Science, there is no rea-

21son why you should be liable to a return of the disease that you were healed of. But not to be subject again to any disease whatsoever, would require an understanding

24of the Science by which you were healed.

Because none of your students have been able to perform as great miracles in healing as Jesus and his disciples did,

27does it not suggest the possibility that they do not heal on the same basis?

You would not ask the pupil in simple equations to

30solve a problem involving logarithms; and then, because

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1he failed to get the right answer, condemn the pupil and the science of numbers. The simplest problem

3in Christian Science is healing the sick, and the least understanding and demonstration thereof prove all its possibilities. The ability to demonstrate to the extent

6that Jesus did, will come when the student possesses as much of the divine Spirit as he shared, and utilizes its power to overcome sin.

9Opposite to good, is the universal claim of evil that seeks the proportions of good. There may be those who, having learned the power of the unspoken thought,

12use it to harm rather than to heal, and who are using that power against Christian Scientists. This giant sin is the sin against the Holy Ghost spoken of in Matt.

15xii. 31, 32.

Is Christian Science based on the facts of both Spirit and matter?

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