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18Christian Science is based on the facts of Spirit and its forms and representations, but these facts are the direct antipodes of the so-called facts of matter; and

21the eternal verities of Spirit assert themselves over their opposite, or matter, in the final destruction of all that is unlike Spirit.

24Man knows that he can have one God only, when he regards God as the only Mind, Life, and substance. If God is Spirit, as the Scriptures declare, and All-in-

27all, matter is mythology, and its laws are mortal beliefs.

If Mind is in matter and beneath a skull bone, it is

30in something unlike Him; hence it is either a godless and material Mind, or it is God in matter, — which are theo-

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1ries of agnosticism and pantheism, the very antipodes of Christian Science.

3What is organic life?

Life is inorganic, infinite Spirit; if Life, or Spirit, were organic, disorganization would destroy Spirit and

6annihilate man.

If Mind is not substance, form, and tangibility, God is substanceless; for the substance of Spirit is divine

9Mind. Life is God, the only creator, and Life is im- mortal Mind, not matter.

Every indication of matter's constituting life is mortal,

12the direct opposite of immortal Life, and infringes the rights of Spirit. Then, to conclude that Spirit consti- tutes or ever has constituted laws to that effect, is a mor-

15tal error, a human conception opposed to the divine government. Mind and matter mingling in perpetual warfare is a kingdom divided against itself, that shall be

18brought to desolation. The final destruction of this false belief in matter will appear at the full revelation of Spirit, — one God, and the brotherhood of man.

21Organic life is an error of statement that Truth destroys. The Science of Life needs only to be understood; its dem- onstration proves the correctness of my statements, and

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