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24brings blessings infinite.

Why did God command, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth," if all minds (men) have existed

27from the beginning, and have had successive stages of existence to the present time?

Your question implies that Spirit, which first spirit-

30ually created the universe, including man, created man

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1over again materially; and, by the aid of mankind, all was later made which He had made. If the first record

3is true, what evidence have you — apart from the evi- dence of that which you admit cannot discern spiritual things — of any other creation? The creative "Us"

6made all, and Mind was the creator. Man originated not from dust, materially, but from Spirit, spiritually. This work had been done; the true creation was finished,

9and its spiritual Science is alluded to in the first chapter of Genesis.

Jesus said of error, "That thou doest, do quickly."

12By the law of opposites, after the truth of man had been demonstrated, the postulate of error must appear. That this addendum was untrue, is seen when Truth, God,

15denounced it, and said: "I will greatly multiply thy sorrow." "In the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." The opposite error said, "I am true," and

18declared, "God doth know . . . that your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods," creators. This was false; and the Lord God never said it. This history of a falsity

21must be told in the name of Truth, or it would have no seeming. The Science of creation is the universe with man created spiritually. The false sense and error of creation

24is the sense of man and the universe created materially.

Why does the record make man a creation of the sixth and last day, if he was coexistent with God?

27In its genesis, the Science of creation is stated in mathe- matical order, beginning with the lowest form and ascend- ing the scale of being up to man. But all that really is,

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