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30always was and forever is; for it existed in and of the Mind that is God, wherein man is foremost.

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1If one has died of consumption, and he has no remem- brence of that disease or dream, does that disease have any

3more power over him?

Waking from a dream, one learns its unreality; then it has no power over one. Waking from the dream of

6death, proves to him who thought he died that it was a dream, and that he did not die; then he learns that con- sumption did not kill him. When the belief in the power

9of disease is destroyed, disease cannot return.

How does Mrs. Eddy know that she has read and studied correctly, if one must deny the evidences of the senses?

12She had to use her eyes to read.

Jesus said, "Having eyes, see ye not?" I read the in- spired page through a higher than mortal sense. As

15matter, the eye cannot see; and as mortal mind, it is a belief that sees. I may read the Scriptures through a belief of eyesight; but I must spiritually understand

18them to interpret their Science.

Does the theology of Christien Science aid its heal- ing?

21Without its theology there is no mental science, no order that proceeds from God. All Science is divine, not human, in origin and demonstration. If God does

24not govern the action of man, it is inharmonious: if He does govern it, the action is Science. Take away the theology of mental healing and you take away its science,

27leaving it a human "mind-cure," nothing more nor less, — even one human mind governing another; by which, if you agree that God is Mind, you admit that there is

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1more than one government and God. Having no true sense of the healing theology of Mind, you can neither

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