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12Does it not limit the power of Mind to deny the possi- bility of communion with departed friends — dead only in belief ?

15Does it limit the power of Mind to say that addition is not subtraction in mathematics ? The Science of Mind reveals the impossibility of two individual sleepers, in

18different phases of thought, communicating, even if touch- ing each other corporeally; or for one who sleeps to communicate with another who is awake. Mind's possi-

21bilities are not lessened by being confined and conformed to the Science of being.

If mortal mind and body are myths, what is the con-

24nection between them and real identity, and why are there as many identities as mortal bodies?

Evil in the beginning claimed the power, wisdom, and

27utility of good; and every creation or idea of Spirit has its counterfeit in some matter belief. Every material be- lief hints the existence of spiritual reality; and if mortals

30are instructed in spiritual things, it will be seen that ma-

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1terial belief, in all its manifestations, reversed, will be found the type and representative of verities priceless,

3eternal, and just at hand.

The education of the future will be instruction, in spir- itual Science, against the material symbolic counterfeit

6sciences. All the knowledge and vain strivings of mortal mind, that lead to death, — even when aping the wisdom and magnitude of immortal Mind, — will be swallowed

9up by the reality and omnipotence of Truth over error, and of Life over death.

"Dear Mrs. Eddy: — In the October Journal I read

12the following: 'But the real man, who was created in the image of God, does not commit sin.' What then does sin? What commits theft? Or who does murder? For instance,

15the man is held responsible for the crime; for I went once to a place where a man was said to be 'hanged for mur- der' — and certainly I saw him, or his effigy, dangling

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