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24to solve its divine Principle by the rule of human mind, fails, and ends in a parody on this Science which is amus- ing to astute readers, — especially when she tells them

27that she is practising this Science.

The theology of Christian Science is based on the action of the divine Mind over the human mind and body;

30whereas, "mind-cure" rests on the notion that the human mind can cure its own disease, or that which it causes,

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1and the sickness of matter, — which is infidel in the one case, and anomalous in the other. It was said of old by

3Truth-traducers, that Jesus healed through Beelzebub; but the claim that one erring mind cures another one was at first gotten up to hinder his benign influence and to hide

6his divine power.

Our Master understood that Life, Truth, Love are the triune Principle of all pure theology; also, that this divine

9trinity is one infinite remedy for the opposite triad, sick- ness, sin, and death.

If there is no sin, why did Jesus come to save sinners?

12If there is no reality in sickness, why does a Chris- tian Scientist go to the bedside and address himself to the healing of disease, on the basis of its unreality?

15Jesus came to seek and to save such as believe in the reality of the unreal; to save them from this false belief; that they might lay hold of eternal Life, the great reality

18that concerns man, and understand the final fact, — that God is omnipotent and omnipresent; yea, "that the Lord He is God; there is none else beside Him," as the Scrip-

21tures declare.

If Christ was God, why did Jesus cry out, "My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?"

24Even as the struggling heart, reaching toward a higher goal, appeals to its hope and faith, Why failest thou me? Jesus as the son of man was human: Christ as

27the Son of God was divine. This divinity was reaching humanity through the crucifixion of the human, — that momentous demonstration of God, in which Spirit proved

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