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3We have no more proof of human discord, — sin, sickness, disease, or death, — than we have that the earth's surface is flat, and her motions imaginary. If

6man's ipse dixit as to the stellar system is correct, this is because Science is true, and the evidence of the senses is false. Then why not submit to the affirmations of

9Science concerning the greater subject of human weal and woe? Every question between Truth and error, Science must and will decide. Left to the decision of

12Science, your query concerns a negative which the posi- tive Truth destroys; for God's universe and man are immortal. We must not consider the false side of exist-

15ence in order to gain the true solution of Life and its great realities.

Have you changed your instructions as to the right way

18of treating disease?

I have not; and this important fact must be, and al- ready is, apprehended by those who understand my in-

21structions on this question. Christian Science demands both law and gospel, in order to demonstrate healing, and I have taught them both in its demonstration, and

24with signs following. They are a unit in restoring the equipoise of mind and body, and balancing man's ac- count with his Maker. The sequence proves that strict

27adherence to one is inadequate to compensate for the absence of the other, since both constitute the divine law of healing.

30The Jewish religion demands that "whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed." But this

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1law is not infallible in wisdom; and obedience thereto may be found faulty, since false testimony or mistaken

3evidence may cause the innocent to suffer for the guilty. Hence the gospel that fulfils the law in righteousness, the genius whereof is displayed in the surprising wisdom

6of these words of the New Testament: "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." No possible injustice lurks in this mandate, and no human mis-

9judgment can pervert it; for the offender alone suffers, and always according to divine decree. This sacred, solid precept is verified in all directions in Mind-

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