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12healing, and is supported in the Scripture by parallel proof.

The law and gospel of Truth and Love teach, through

15divine Science, that sin is identical with suffering, and that suffering is the lighter affliction. To reach the sum- mit of Science, whence to discern God's perfect ways

18and means, the material sense must be controlled by the higher spiritual sense, and Truth be enthroned, while "we look not at the things which are seen, but at

21the things which are not seen."

Cynical critics misjudge my meaning as to the sci- entific treatment of the sick. Disease that is superin-

24duced by sin is not healed like the more physical ailment. The beginner in sin-healing must know this, or he never can reach the Science of Mind-healing, and

27so "overcome evil with good." Error in premise is met with error in practice; yea, it is "the blind leading the blind." Ignorance of the cause of disease can neither

30remove that cause nor its effect.

I endeavor to accommodate my instructions to the present capability of the learner, and to support the

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1liberated thought until its altitude reaches beyond the mere alphabet of Mind-healing. Above physical wants,

3lie the higher claims of the law and gospel of healing. First is the law, which saith: —

"Thou shalt not commit adultery;" in other words,

6thou shalt not adulterate Life, Truth, or Love, — men- tally, morally, or physically. "Thou shalt not steal;" that is, thou shalt not rob man of money, which is but

9trash, compared with his rights of mind and character. "Thou shalt not kill;" that is, thou shalt not strike at the eternal sense of Life with a malicious aim, but shalt

12know that by doing thus thine own sense of Life shall be forfeited. "Thou shalt not bear false witness;" that is, thou shalt not utter a lie, either mentally or audibly, nor

15cause it to be thought. Obedience to these command- ments is indispensable to health, happiness, and length of days.

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