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18The gospel of healing demonstrates the law of Love. Justice uncovers sin of every sort; and mercy demands that if you see the danger menacing others, you shall,

21Deo volente, inform them thereof. Only thus is the right practice of Mind-healing achieved, and the wrong prac- tice discerned, disarmed, and destroyed.

24Do you believe in translation?

If your question refers to language, whereby one ex- presses the sense of words in one language by equiva-

27lent words in another, I do. If you refer to the removal of a person to heaven, without his subjection to death, I modify my affirmative answer. I believe in this

30removal being possible after all the footsteps requisite have been taken up to the very throne, up to the

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1spiritual sense and fact of divine substance, intelligence, Life, and Love. This translation is not the work of mo-

3ments; it requires both time and eternity.  It means more than mere disappearance to the human sense; it must include also man's changed appearance and diviner form

6visible to those beholding him here.

The Rev. — said in a sermon: A true Christian would protest against metaphysical healing being called

9Christian Science. He also maintained that pain and disease are not illusions but realities; and that it is not Christian to believe they are illusions. Is this so?

12It is unchristian to believe that pain and sickness are anything but illusions. My proof of this is, that the penalty for believing in their reality is the very pain and

15disease. Jesus cast out a devil, and the dumb spake; hence it is right to know that the works of Satan are the illusion and error which Truth casts out.

18Does the gentleman above mentioned know the meaning of divine metaphysics, or of metaphysical theology?

21According to Webster, metaphysics is defined thus: "The science of the conceptions and relations which are necessary to thought and knowledge; science of the

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