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His want of control over "the fish of the sea" must

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1have been an illusion, or else the Scriptures misstate man's power. That the Bible is true I believe, not

3only, but I demonstrated its truth when I exercised my power over the fish, cast out the sick man's illu- sion, and healed him. Thus it was shown that the

6healing action of Mind upon the body has its only ex- planation in divine metaphysics. As a man "thinketh in his heart, so is he." When the mortal thought, or be-

9lief, was removed, the man was well. What did Jesus mean when he said to the dying thief, "To-day shalt thou be with me in paradise"?

12Paradisaical rest from physical agony would come to the criminal, if the dream of dying should startle him from the dream of suffering. The paradise of Spirit

15would come to Jesus, in a spiritual sense of Life and power. Christ Jesus lived and reappeared. He was too good to die; for goodness is immortal. The thief was

18not equal to the demands of the hour; but sin was de- stroying itself, and had already begun to die, — as the poor thief's prayer for help indicated. The dy-

21ing malefactor and our Lord were inevitably sepa- rated through Mind. The thief's body, as matter, must dissolve into its native nothingness; whereas the

24body of the holy Spirit of Jesus was eternal. That day the thief would be with Jesus only in a finite and material sense of relief; while our Lord would

27soon be rising to the supremacy of Spirit, working out, even in the silent tomb, those wonderful demon- strations of divine power, in which none could equal his


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1Is it right for me to treat others, when I am not entirely well myself ?

3The late John B. Gough is said to have suffered from an appetite for alcoholic drink until his death; yet he saved many a drunkard from this fatal appetite. Paul

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