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12silently; and never dreamed that either of these partook of the nature of occultism, magic, alchemy, or necro- mancy. These "ways that are vain" are the inventions

15of animal magnetism, which would deceive, if possible, the very elect. We will charitably hope, however, that some people employ the et cetera of ignorance and self-

18conceit unconsciously, in their witless ventilation of false statements and claims. Misguiding the public mind and taking its money in exchange for this abuse, has become

21too common: we will hope it is the froth of error passing off; and that Christian Science will some time appear all the clearer for the purification of the public thought con-

24cerning it.

Has man fallen from a state of perfection?

If God is the Principle of man (and He is), man is the

27idea of God; and this idea cannot fail to express the ex- act nature of its Principle, — any more than goodness, to present the quality of good. Human hypotheses are

30always human vagaries, formulated views antagonistic

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1to the divine order and the nature of Deity. All these mortal beliefs will be purged and dissolved in the cru-

3cible of Truth, and the places once knowing them will know them no more forever, having been swept clean by the winds of history. The grand verities of Science

6will sift the chaff from the wheat, until it is clear to hu- man comprehension that man was, and is, God's perfect likeness, that reflects all whereby we can know God. In

9Him we live, move, and have being. Man's origin and existence being in Him, man is the ultimatum of per- fection, and by no means the medium of imperfection.

12Immortal man is the eternal idea of Truth, that cannot lapse into a mortal belief or error concerning himself and his origin: he cannot get out of the focal distance of

15infinity. If God is upright and eternal, man as His like- ness is erect in goodness and perpetual in Life, Truth, and Love. If the great cause is perfect, its effect is per-

18fect also; and cause and effect in Science are immutable and immortal. A mortal who is sinning, sick, and dying, is not immortal man; and never was, and never can be,

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