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9The lessons we learn in divine Science are applica- ble to all the needs of man. Jesus taught them for this very purpose; and his demonstration hath taught us

12that "through his stripes" — his life-experience — and divine Science, brought to the understanding through Christ, the Spirit-revelator, is man healed and saved.

15No opinions of mortals nor human hypotheses enter this line of thought or action. Drugs, inert matter, never are needed to aid spiritual power. Hygiene, manipulation,

18and mesmerism are not Mind's medicine. The Prin- ciple of all cure is God, unerring and immortal Mind. We have learned that the erring or mortal thought holds

21in itself all sin, sickness, and death, and imparts these states to the body; while the supreme and perfect Mind, as seen in the truth of being, antidotes and destroys these

24material elements of sin and death.

Because God is supreme and omnipotent, materia medica, hygiene, and animal magnetism are impotent;

27and their only supposed efficacy is in apparently delud- ing reason, denying revelation, and dethroning Deity. The tendency of mental healing is to uplift mankind; but

30this method perverted, is "Satan let loose." Hence the deep demand for the Science of psychology to meet sin, and uncover it; thus to annihilate hallucination.

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1Thought imbued with purity, Truth, and Love, in- structed in the Science of metaphysical healing, is the

3most potent and desirable remedial agent on the earth. At this period there is a marked tendency of mortal mind to plant mental healing on the basis of hypnotism,

6calling this method "mental science." All Science is Christian Science; the Science of the Mind that is God, and of the universe as His idea, and their relation to each

9other. Its only power to heal is its power to do good, not evil.


12At this date, 1883, a newspaper edited and published by the Christian Scientists has become a necessity. Many questions important to be disposed of come to the Col-

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